External Links Policy

OfferFine has links to only those sites that provide us with accurate information among all providing information. Since the reason behind this is to give our customers the best these links may change anytime if the site contains more useful information found by us.

Generally not all the websites meet our information criteria if they contain:

  • Political issues
  • Promotion of any type of people
  • promotion of socially immoral conduct
  • promotion of alcohol or tobacco products or any drug forms.
  • promotion of sexually oriented materials.
  • promotion of weapons.
  • Content infringing on any type of trademark or rights of another person.
  • Content that is inappropriate to the government.

This list is a non-exclusive list. This external link policy applies to websites that are outside OfferFine The webmaster shall make procedures to check the implementation and continuing oversight of this policy.

Each request will be checked for having these guidelines: